Join us on September 12 & 13, 2022 as people from all over Northeast Ohio will be rappelling for a reason. The first 100 people to raise a minimum of $1,000 will earn a spot to go Over the Edge and rappel 150 feet down the Historic Onesto and Bliss Lofts in downtown Canton. Register as an individual or as part of a team and be sure to check out our rappeller incentives!

Every dollar raised through each rappel will benefit Lighthouse Ministries and our goals of providing academic support, mentoring, and scholarship opportunities for the children of SE Canton.

Special Thanks To Our Event Sponsors:​



Placing the correct people and resources to support students to be successful in the classroom.


Placing caring adults in the lives of students to support and challenge them as they find their place in this world.


Providing resources for easier access to summer camp experiences, vocational training, and higher education.

Our Values at Work

After-School Program

During the hours immediately following school, the Lighthouse offers a safe environment for children in grades 1-5 living in southeast Canton. Creative and relational activities combine study and play in ways that enrich and engage the heart and mind.

summer camps & field trips

Programming provided as strategic initiatives to combat the summertime loss of learning retention experienced by many of the children in our neighborhood. With a high staff to student ratio, every child has the opportunity for individual attention, support, and opportunities for a whole lot of summer fun! Our students grades 1-12 receive scholarships to participate in day camp, over-night camps, and field trips both in and out of the city.

youth ministry clubs

The Lighthouse provides age-appropriate youth ministry programs for children in grades 1-12. We believe that through building diverse relationships and a strong, loving community, we can better understand the character and love of God.